Fallen Firefighters to be Honored on Saturday in Colorado Springs

Visitors at the firefighter memorial in Colorado Springs Friday night.
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Thousands of firefighters and their families from across North America are in Colorado Springs this week to honor their loved ones who have died.

It's all part of the International Association of Fire Fighters Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial event in Colorado Springs. It all leads up to the memorial service at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs on Saturday at 1 p-m.

11 News Anchor Dianne Derby had a chance to speak to several firefighters and one woman who recently lost her husband about how important this event is to them.

"I don't feel like I'm the only one," said Pat Hildrop. "I have had people just come give me a hug today, strangers over at Target when I was shopping because they saw I was the wife of a dead firefighter."

"It gives recognition to the fact that these guys didn't lose their lives in vain and that they are being recognized that they made a lifetime committment to our community and to their occupation," said Canadian firefighter Colin Grieve.

We'll share more of the interview with Mrs. Hildrop and the firefighters on 11 News at 10 on Sunday.