Families Thank Medical Staff

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Dozens upon dozens of kids and their families attended a pretty important event Saturday afternoon at the Saint Francis Medical Center on Woodmen Road in Colorado Springs.

It was a reunion between the Saint Francis Medical staff and families of babies who were born prematurely.

This outdoor gathering is something that both staff and families believe is necessary and the kids love it. There's a variety of activities for kids once there.

They had face painting, door prizes, magic shows, a bounce house and more.

The reunion shows doctors and nurses just how far the kids have come because of their hard work.

We talked to one mom who says when her daughter was born back in 2011, doctors told her to prepare for the worst.

"It was rough. We were called a bunch of times to say goodbye because they didn't think she was going to make it," said Alicia Parker.

Parker's daughter did make it and today she is a talkative, energetic two year old. They attended the event to bond with other parents who went through the same scary ordeal and most importantly, to say thank you.

The Neonatal Intesive Care Unit at Saint Francis Medical Center treats around 360 babies a year