People Rescued Along Highway 24

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A family is rescued after a wall of mud came crashing down the hill and onto Highway 24, taking out everything in its path. They climbed to higher ground until help arrived.

Some cars were swept away by the rushing water and mud.

"It hit us like a wall," said Christine Hensley. Hensley and her daughter are okay now, but they had some terrifying moments inside their SUV. Water carried it hundreds of yards down the highway.

"The first thing my daughter said when we saw the wall of water was 'what are we going to do?'" Hensley recalled. "And I said, 'we're gonna pray,' and that's what we did."

Hensley tells 11 News her SUV ended up on the median. She and her daughter were able to get out of the vehicle, and with the help of a stranger, they got to safety.

In the aftermath, tow trucks loaded up the damaged cars and SUVs that were completely covered in mud. The drivers who were in the mudslide were taken down Highway 24 in vans from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

There was another trouble spot further west on Highway 24 in Cascade. There, rushing water and mud crashed over a retaining wall that was just put in this week.

"It came down really hard," said Bob Richard, who works across the street at the Eagles Nest Wellness Center. He and his coworkers were evacuated. He tells 11 News he is relieved nobody was hurt.

Highway 24 is back open in both directions after it was shut down for several hours Wednesday.