Families Evacuate RV Park In Manitou

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The heavy rain storm was really scary for a lot of people at the Pikes Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs. No one was forced to evacuate, but the water levels came up so quickly, a lot of them did.

In a video given to 11 News by a viewer, you can see how fast, and strong the water in Fountain Creek rips through the area. The viewer and her family were staying at the Pikes Peak RV Park when the rain started to fall and the water levels started to rise.

Members of the Colorado Springs Fire Department went into this park alerting folks. Some chose to leave and go to the high school.

"A lot of people are not too worried, but we've seen it so I was worried,” one woman said.

"(I asked) what is that thundering noise? And one other guy there said I think that's boulders underneath," a man added.

The water running through the creek was filled with soot and ash. It rose roughly five feet leaving a dark trail, showing how close it came to where some RVs are parked.

"It was a little hairy, that stream came up to maybe within about three feet below the bridge that crosses Fountain Creek," Greg Pellette said.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office quickly closed off access to Manitou Springs, leaving Pellette separated from his wife inside the RV park.

"My wife is there, I'm here, my car is about 400 yards that way and I just need to put the car where the wife is," Pellette said.

Once the rain subsided, the water levels dropped, and those staying here were relieved. The owner of the RV park said he's glad there wasn't any damage, but told us it's the closest he's ever seen to possible flooding in the park.