Families Dig Out After Powerful Snow Storm

Families are digging out after being pounded by tons of snow Sunday, and drivers are having to take it extra slow on icy roads.

Sunday's snowstorm dropped lots of snow on Southern Colorado. In El Paso County, the north and northeastern part of the county was hit the hardest.

11 News was in Monument driving through the blizzard conditions as the strong winds threw the snow around and made visibility very low.

Monument got about a foot snow.

"Down here is getting crazy. The first part seemed easy, now I'm losing steam," said Tony Vigil as he was shoveling his driveway.

We found many homeowners hard at work shoveling their snow packed driveways.

"We shoveled once today, then once again tonight, and probably hit it before we go tomorrow," said Dustin Tupper.

While driving around Monument in the early evening, our crew saw those blizzard conditions with dangerously strong winds blowing snow all around.

"It's horrible, you can't see 10 feet in front of you," said driver Zach Thomas.

"Complete whiteout, just ice all over the place, with the snow coming down on top of it, it's just getting worse," said Mark Horn, a Trinidad resident

The powerful storm caused several accidents all day long, causing major delays on I-25 near Monument.

The northern end bore the brunt of the storm for El Paso County, with conditions tapering off the further south one got in Colorado Springs. On the south side of town, conditions were windy, but with very little snow. With the sun peeking out late Sunday afternoon, the conditions were night and day less than 20 miles apart.

Snow picked up again south of Colorado Springs, with Fountain receiving some accumulation.

Those in northern El Paso County are anticipating icy conditions for the morning drive Monday. Overnight, the snow turned to ice, causing for cars to fishtail even going just 10 mph. Our news team saw several spots with black ice, especially on side roads and in subdivisions where they has not been a lot of traffic or a plow truck treating the roads.

"I just make sure that I have gas, good tires, blanket and a shovel," said Brett Hull, Monument driver.

In El Paso County, 33 plow trucks began working on the roads since 5:30 a.m. Sunday. The plows applied anti-skid as needed on priority 1 and 2 roads, as well as at intersections. Motor graders may be called in for gravel roads later Sunday if conditions require it.