Families Asked To Protect Kids And Pets From Predatory Wildlife

A warning is going out to residents on the northwest side of town, in the Rockrimmon area.

While the neighborhood is used to living with wildlife, a HOA is giving a letter to families because they’ve had increased sightings of some potentially dangerous wildlife in the area.

The letter says they’ve had several reports about a pack of coyotes roaming the area over the past few months.

There were also sightings of mountain lions.

Families are encouraged to be on alert for these predatory creatures, as well as raccoons, and advised to take steps to keep their kids and pets safe.

“We have a kitten that likes to run out the door every time we walk out the door it runs straight for the door or straight up the steps, and that's a lot more of a concern now. It's a little scary, definitely,” said Katie Reilly.

“It's definitely something to watch out for. We have neighbors with young children and plenty of pets...it is a concern but it's nothing new,” said Jack Reilly.

Families say they are used to living with wildlife, but have seen an increase in them since the Waldo Canyon Fire. It’s driving more animals out of their usual habitat in search of food.

Families are advised:

-To avoid walking outside at night
-To not walk pets after dark
-Keep pets indoors overnight
-With Thanksgiving right around the corner, don’t put your turkey carcass in your trash can until pick-up day, to avoid attracting wild animals.

If you see wildlife that poses a threat to you or your pet, report it to the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife at 719-313-1355.

To learn more visit: Wildlife.state.co.us.