Bear Caught On Camera

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Could the now famous Edelweiss German Restaurant bear be roaming a nearby neighborhood for food overnight? One man thinks so.

Matthew Clark lives around the corner from the restaurant on the southwest side of Colorado Springs.

Early Saturday morning, Clark shot video of a big bear rummaging through his trash can in his front yard. Clark says the bear was huge.

"He's a big guy, he's probably about 7 feet tall, three to four hundred pounds. He is a monster, he's huge," said Clark.

Clark tells 11 News the bear walked right up to his trash can, tipped it over and started digging for goods.

He is very much aware of the stories of the large bear that returned to the Edelweiss German Restaurant night after night, until the manager found a way to keep the bear out.

"I think it's the Edelweiss bear. They closed those dumpsters up so he's got to have a place to get his food from."

Clark says he called Colorado Parks and Wildlife to alert them of the bear. He also warned his neighbors.

In the meantime, Clark will be keeping his trash can sealed and in the backyard. Parks and Wildlife says that's a good idea; it can also go in the garage, but it needs to be somewhere the bear can't access.