Falcon Family Reacts To Relative's Lost Home

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One Southern Colorado family sees the devastation their relatives are dealing with in Moore, Okla. while watching the 11 News reports from Oklahoma.

We showed the family the report from Stacia Naquin as she was walking through the remnants of Ronnie VanLandingham's home. We sat down with his aunt, Lynn, as she watched the video with her family in Falcon.

"I cannot imagine going through that, I just can't," Lynn VanLandingham said.

The first tear falls when VanLandingham hears her last name.

"Oh my goodness," VanLandingham said.

She can't look away as Stacia walked to the bathtub where her niece and niece's two children huddled together while their home was ripped apart.

"I didn't realize that you know, that's their home...it's our family," VanLandingham said.

She knows rebuilding will be a long process, and has a message for her family close at heart, but so many miles away.

"We're not there, we can't hug them so, but we just send them our love and tell them that we're glad that they're there,” VanLandingham said.

Lynn and her family want to help her relatives in Moore; she also has a nephew who lost his home. They'll be setting up a fund here in Colorado.

Starting Wednesday if you'd like to help, you can go to any ENT Federal Credit Union location and donate to the VanLandingham Tornado Relief Fund.