Fake Check Sent To Family

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A woman got a check in the mail, but it's not what she was hoping for. Now, she wants everyone to be cautious about this potential scam.

The check itself isn’t worth very much, if anything at all. The account on the check was fake.

Janet Martinez and her friend recently set up a cleaning business. They’ve been advertising online and said she’s been getting all kinds of emails; some are real, and others aren’t. Friday afternoon, they received an envelope from FedEx. It was addressed to Martinez, and inside was a check for $1,950.

"She read the amount off and I was freaking out like, 'really?!'" Martinez exclaimed.

Martinez said she knew it was too good to be true; she's worried others in need will spend the money--when it's not really there.

"I know how hard it is because I’ve been out of work for, what, 11, 10 months, something like that, it's hard. The economy's so bad it's not funny."

I put calls into police tonight asking them if this is a scam they've been following. They said wasn't, but that could be because it's just starting to make the rounds.

"I just want to protect other people. I know a lot of people are out of work looking for a job and if they get a check like that in their mind, 'wow I got $2,000,' no, it's not real"

Keep in mind that if you receive a check and have no history with the company involved, that should be a red flag.

And if you ever question the validity of a check, call the bank and ask them to verify it before trying to cash it.