FEMA Helps Provide Funding For Trails Damaged by Flooding

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Work is underway right now to give popular trails in Colorado Springs a major facelift.

Last fall, flash flooding caused severe damage to many of our local trails. Now FEMA is stepping in to help cover the costs. FEMA will cover 75 percent of the cost to fix bridges, cracked asphalt and other trail repairs. The state of Colorado and the city of Colorado Springs will each cover 12.5 percent.

There are several projects taking place. On the Sinton trail near Fillmore and Chestnut, recreational users will now be able to cross over a new bridge that was recently installed. Workers are making repairs to several washed out areas and damaged creek banks.

Over at American the Beautiful Park, repairs are being made to the pedestrian bridge. The flooding exposed the foundation, which has made the city concerned over future failure.

There will also be repairs done to Cottonwood Creek open space.

11 News talked to the project manager, Steve Burke.

"The force of the storms just devastated everything in its path. We really had to start over from scratch."

Full repairs at each of the locations are expected to wrap up by May of next year.