FDA: Thousands Of Pets Getting Sick From Jerky Treats

Most pet owners give their dogs and cats jerky treats without a second thought.

But the FDA says there could be cause for concern regarding some of these treats.

Since 2007, almost 600 pets have died from illness related to jerky treats. Thousands of others--mostly dogs, but some cats--have gotten sick.

The FDA says most of the treats come from China, but they have not been able to narrow down a brand or brands causing the illness. Officials are calling the outbreak one of the most elusive and mysterious that they have ever seen.

For now, all pet owners can do is monitor their pets carefully for any symptoms, which usually occur within hours of eating the treats. These include: decreased appetite, vomiting, lethargy, increased water consumption and increased urination.

The FDA also asks that anyone whose pet experiences illness contact the FDA immediately, or have their veterinarian do so. It could help the FDA in their investigation.

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