Explosions Rock Propane Gas Plant

Credit: WKMG
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Explosions rocked a propane gas business in central Florida Monday night.

Two dozen people were working at the Blue Rhino plant at 11 p.m. EST when the explosions went off. All have been accounted for, though six workers were injured, including four critically.

The powerful blasts blew the roof off of the facility and sparked several fires, all of which were contained or put out by the middle of the night. One employee told Orlando sister station WKMG that he was thrown back three feet after the explosion, while another recounted seeing grill tanks flying in the air.

The Blue Rhino plant refills propane tanks for barbecues and other uses, and reportedly had around 53,000 20-pound propane tanks at the facility.

Residents living within a mile of the plant reported hearing a loud boom at the time of the explosion.

The plant is in Lake County, northwest of Orlando. There is no word on what caused the blasts.