Ex-Spouse Of Murder Victim In Custody For Unrelated Charges

Credit: Fremont County Sheriff's Office

One of Fremont County's "most wanted" fugitives is in custody Tuesday morning.

A warrant had been out for Michael Folsom since the beginning of July. The county did not specify what he was wanted for, but court records indicate that he failed to appear on a harassment charge in the past. He was on Fremont County's "most wanted" list a year ago for drug charges, harassment and theft.

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday that Folsom was in custody, though did not elaborate on how he was apprehended.

Folsom was the ex-husband of Mandy Folsom and the adoptive father of her two children, who were all murdered in March. The Canon City Daily Record reported that Michael Folsom appeared in court four days after the slayings, and that the judge offered his condolences during the proceedings. The newspaper reports that Folsom asked the judge for permission to attend the funeral.