Escaped Sex Offender Caught After Alleged Assault

Credit: Denver Police Dept.
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An escaped sex offender has been captured again, after allegedly sexually assaulting two more women.

Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel says 48-year-old Eugene Martinez was arrested Saturday on several charges, including sex assault, burglary and escape.

Kobel says a 23-year-old woman called police to report a stranger had entered the home where she was staying and stole her purse and cellphone.

Martinez also is accused of sexually assaulting two other women at the home.

Police say they tracked the stolen phone to a transient camp and arrested the man.

He escaped police custody in Denver earlier this week after being brought in for failing to register as a sex offender. Police say he was handcuffed to a bench, but managed to slip out of the cuffs.

Authorities say the suspect has a long history of sexual assault in Pueblo and Denver. His offenses date back to 1994.

Martinez was also wanted in Pueblo on a $100,000 no bond warrant.