Tensions At Apartment Complex Escalate

Some people who worked at an apartment complex where tenants could be forced out of their homes say they believe their lives are in danger.

Residents of the Pine Creek Village Apartments in Colorado Springs have been warned they will have to leave their apartments if the utilities are shut off. That could happen in a few weeks if the owner, Terry Ragan, doesn't pay the bill.

Employees tell KKTV 11 News they have been forced to lie to residents about the huge bill, and now the residents are getting angry with them.

One employee talked with 11 News, but didn't want to be identified.

"Once the utility company came out and let our residents know, our corporate office called and told us to inform everybody that everything's okay… Everything's been paid. We don't have to worry about anything," said the employee.

A copy of the apparent bill obtained by 11 News shows the owner owes at least $200,000.00 in utilities. If he doesn't pay, the utilities will be turned off and 300 people living in the complex will be forced out because the apartments will be considered unlivable.

"We did not cause this issue. All we do is collect your money. This is something that upper management is gonna have to deal with... I don't know if utilities will be shut off, but I know that there hasn't been any payments made, so I'm just unsure of what the outcome will be for our residents here," said the employee.

Residents say it's unnerving not to know if the bill will be paid by the deadline of May 9.

"Terry's gonna be living in his $1.5 million mansion without a care in the world while I'm living in my car because he can't pay the bills we paid him," said resident Brian Strongeen.

KKTV 11 News reached out to the landlord, but we haven't heard back.