Emergency Road Repairs in Black Forest

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Emergency road repairs are underway in Black Forest where rain washed out a culvert and the road collapsed.

It happened on Casey Lane near Shoup Road on Sunday night. After the wash out, four homeowners could not get through to the other side. But on Monday morning Black Forest Fire crews made a detour route through the neighbor’s yard.

The heavy rain washed out a six foot diameter metal culvert and took a large portion of of Casey Lane with it. On Monday crews worked to protect a gas line and telephone line. The El Paso County engineer says it will be a costly fix.

“It’s a challenge because I think we’re going to see more of these. This could be a $100,000 dollar project or more, just to get this replaced and I expect it to be more. We have bridge washouts too. We’re scrambling to find budget in order to get this done,” said El Paso County Engineer, Andre Brackin.

Brackin says it may be sometime next week before Casey Lane is back open.