Emergency Dispatcher Disciplined after Murder

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An emergency dispatcher will be disciplined after a woman was murdered while on the phone with a 911 operator.

Kristine Kirk died last month while on the phone pleading for help. Investigators say her husband Richard killed her.

Denver police say a lack of communication between the dispatcher and police may have resulted in Krik's death.

Court documents show Kristine Kirk told the dispatcher her husband was high on marijuana and prescription drugs, and that he had a gun.

She reportedly told them she was scared of what he might do and was shot while she was still on the phone. Officers found her already dead when they arrived 12 minutes after she made the call.

Not all the information coming from Kirk was given to responding officers verbally. According to an internal investigation by the Denver police department, it was 13 minutes before an officer was able to read written notes from the dispatcher.

“Even if those updates were coming on a computer screen it would not be appropriate for officers to get information in that way. That’s one of the changes the executive director made to require that those changes be made verbally,” said Denver Police Dept. Lt. Matt Murray.

The dispatcher has been on paid leave since the incident. It's not clear what disciplinary action he or she will face.