Court Hearing Held After Boy Found Unconscious in Hot Tub

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11 News was the only TV station in the courtroom Monday as an emergency hearing was scheduled. This comes after a little boy was found unconscious in a hot tub.

The biological father says he's been trying to get his son Jayden out of a foster home since March. Now he wants answers on how this could have happened.

Like any parent, Ryan Marck can't stand to see his child hurting.

“He was so happy before, always smiling just a cute little kid and then now he's just lifeless, just laying there,” Marck explained.

Jayden was in foster care at the time of a hot tub accident last weekend in Breckenridge. Jayden was found unconscious and was taken to the hospital.

“I was devastated. They're supposed to be protecting my kid," Marck said.

We stopped by the foster parent’s home in Fountain on Monday night, but they had no comment.

We contacted the Department of Human Services responsible for setting up foster care. They cannot talk about the specifics of this case but child welfare manager Karen Logan says any signs of abuse or neglect to a child are taken very seriously.

“In the blink of an eye something happens and it's something that just can't be taken back. Kids get hurt. I don't believe that they mean to hurt their children,” Logan explained.

For Marck, he wants justice for his son, but more importantly he's focusing on Jayden's recovery.

“I'm really hoping that he's okay and that he comes back and he's Jayden again. There's a strong chance that he might not ever be."

Jayden remains in a coma in a Denver hospital. His family is hoping to know more about the extent of his brain damage in the next couple of days.

The next court hearing is scheduled for next week. We'll be sure to let you know what happens.