Emergency Notification System Email Valid

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Thousands in El Paso and Teller counties received an email stating to follow a link to sign up for emergency notification phone calls in case there's another flood or wildfire.

I got the email too, and was initially a little suspicious.

At first, it did look like a possible scam. Not only are there some typos, but you're directed to a link called everbridge.net, and there isn't a digital signature. That's an attachment that verifies the person sending it. But we checked and the message is legit.

After the Waldo Canyon Fire, a lot of people complained they never got alerts to evacuate, so El Paso and Teller counties changed vendors. I'm told the new $75,000 system is better for pushing out a lot more notifications at once.

If you get the email, don't ignore it. Sign up. I was able to do it in less than five minutes. And don't forget to sign up for our KKTV text alerts too. During emergencies it's important to be in the loop to protect yourself, and your family.

When you go online you may experience a slowdown. That's because about 1,000 people an hour are signing up.

So far, operators have heard from a couple hundred people online and by phone who were asking about the email.