Elderly Woman's Wallet Stolen At Grocery Store; Her Warning to Others

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An elderly woman feels violated after someone stole her wallet right out of her shopping cart. She felt targeted and now she wants to warn others about what to watch out for at the grocery store.

Last week, 82-year-old Lula Phillipp thought nobody saw her hide a wallet inside her shopping cart while she browsed the aisles at the southside Walmart in Pueblo.

"I had covered it in groceries, so nobody could see it," said Phillipp.

It wasn't until she got to the checkout counter that she realized her wallet was gone.

"So I really think now that somebody watched me; by the time I got into the store and as soon as they got a chance they grabbed my wallet," said Phillipp.

When Phillipp went to report it stolen, she found out another woman had her purse stolen as well.

"It turns out she was 82, I'm 82, and within 10 to 15 minutes, two of them were stolen at the same time in the store," said Phillipp.

Phillipp said she's very upset because she thinks these people are targeting older ladies.

"They're targeting them, and they're taking what is theirs. They're taking their identities, they're taking their money if they have it," she said.

As Phillipp waits to hear from police about her stolen things, she wants to warn others about these thieves.

"Hang on to your purses as tight as you can, or take someone with you when you shop. I'm not going alone ever again," she said.

Pueblo police says there have been 29 thefts at the Southside Walmart since January. They believe the recent thefts may be related and that it's important to keep an extra eye on your belongings.