Elaborate Crime Targets Your Car and Home

We want to warn you about an elaborate crime that’s happening more and more in places you would least expect it. The target is both your car and your home.

Thieves are waiting at places like churches and movie theaters, where they know you will be tied up for an hour or a few hours; giving them enough time to break into your car and burglarize your home.

Loann McGee’s daughter was at church Sunday when a crook broke into her. They busted out the passenger side window. The only thing they took was the car registration.

"You think you're safe, you car is locked and you’re in, you’re gonna be right back out,” said Loann McGee.

With that registration, they got the family’s home address.

The thief went there to burglarize, while the family was out, apparently at church.

A crime they tried at Loann’s house, but she interrupted them, because she was home sick.

After ringing the door bell, and knocking several times, Loann says the crook opened the door walked in.

"He came right inside the door, and I said, ‘Can I help you?’ He hesitated for a moment, and said, I'm looking for Andy,” said McGee.

Thankfully they left and no one was hurt. But McGee wants to get the word out so it doesn’t happen to other unsuspecting victims.

"We're not near as safe as we like to think we are,” said McGee.

Police say this elaborate crime is a growing trend. One officer even told 11 News he’s seeing it almost every Sunday.

It sounds simple, but police say remember to:

-Always lock your car and home
-Keep any valuables in your car, out of sight
-Hide garage door openers
-Hide your car registration or car insurance, or bring it with you
-Don’t leave anything with your address in your car

This family always warns to not leave debit cards, or even work ID’s.

If you know who is responsible for the burglaries, call police right away.