El Paso-Teller County Launches New Emergency Notification System

After a summer plagued with fires and floods, emergency notifications have proved more than ever to be vital to public safety.

El Paso-Teller County has launched a new emergency notification system.

This system will send messages via landline telephones, cellphones, email and text to notify of impending emergencies.

The El Paso-Teller County Enhanced 911 Authority urges everyone to sign up for the new system. You can do that by clicking here.

See below for the full release:

The El Paso-Teller County Enhanced 9-1-1 Authority has launched a new Emergency Notification System (commonly referred to as Reverse 911) in partnership with Everbridge, Inc.

The Emergency Notification System is designed to send voice messages to wireline telephones, wireless devices, email addresses and SMS text to warn the public of impending disasters, both natural and man-made, or any situation that is deemed an emergency by officials that poses a threat to life or property.

To register visit www.elpasoteller911.org. If you don’t have a computer with Internet access, please call (719)785-1971 and leave your name, address, and all phone numbers you would like notified. A staff member will enter the information for you during regular business hours.

As part of the registration process, each registrant will be given the option to receive notifications via home phone, business phone, cell phone, e-mail, and text message. Personal information is not shared with any third party organizations and is confidential.

To successfully register you must provide a name, address within El Paso or Teller Counties, and at least one phone number. It is recommended that you register wireline and wireless telephone numbers in addition to email and SMS text. There is no guarantee that a wireline or wireless number is automatically contained in the Emergency Notification System Database.

The El Paso-Teller County Enhanced 9-1-1 Authority is asking that anyone who previously registered for the Emergency Notification System prior to the Black Forest Fire (week of June 10th) to re-register your information using the new Self Registration Page. This will allow you to manage your contact information should your address or telephone numbers change. The new system also allows users to register multiple locations (work, home, etc) and up to seven points of contact (email, text, SMS) per account. It is recommended that each user register as an individual rather than as a household to ensure all individuals within the household are notified. All registration information that was collected using the old system has been transferred to the new system.

It is important to note that all notifications sent using the Emergency Notification System will be sent by your local public safety agency. Telephones with Caller ID will display one of the following numbers:

Colorado Springs Police Dept: (719)444-7000
Ft Carson Fire Dept: (719)526-5615
Teller County Sheriffs Dept: (719)687-9652
Woodland Park Police Dept: (719)687-9262
Cripple Creek Police Dept: (719)689-2655
El Paso County Sheriff’s Office: (719)390-5555
Fountain Communications: (719)382-8555