Man Arrested, Charged With Murder In Security Shooting

Michael Malory (Credit: El Paso County Sheriff's Office)
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Everyone 11 News talked to in a Security neighborhood said they know the house on the corner of Main Street and Dahlia Drive with a spaceship mounted on the roof.

"One of our favorite houses on the block," neighbor Jennifer Smith said.

Saturday afternoon that home became the center of a homicide investigation.

Friends are still shocked at the brutal death of a man they described as kind and a "good dude."

"He was a part of a lot of people's lives...he had your back no matter what, he always had something nice to say, he was always smiling," Vanessa Estrada told 11 News about her friend Daniel Baird.

Baird, 37, was shot to death Saturday afternoon inside the home with the alien on top. One day later, the man who lives in that home, 59-year-old Michael Malory, was arrested for first-degree murder.

The victim's friends say they don't know why Baird was at Malory's home that fateful day. Malory's neighbors are floored that such a violent death occurred so close to home--and at a house so familiar to them.

"It's heartbreaking to me...everybody knows him [Malory] by the alien on the house," Smith said.

Malory appeared in court via video for the first time Monday afternoon. He is being held without bond.

Investigators four other people were inside the home at the time of he shooting, and it was one of four that called 911 to report the shooting just before 2 p.m. Saturday. At this time it's unknown if any of them knew the shooting victim. The relationship between Malory and Baird is also unknown.

As the investigation continues, neighbors are still shocked and saddened over the violent crime in their peaceful neighborhood.

"I’m really still in shock at the situation...when I saw a lot of sheriffs running up and down, I didn't know what was going on. It’s just a lot of activity for this area, I mean it's usually quiet and we don't have a lot of problems out here," neighbor Michael Jackson said.

Neighbors said that all they can do is remain vigilant and do their best to protect each other.

There are still very few details being released about what led up to the shooting. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office remained at the scene eight hours Saturday.

11 News will provide updates as new information becomes available.