El Paso Co. Leaders Work To Prevent Flash Floods In Burn Scar Area

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It has been nearly two years since the Waldo Canyon Fire, but for many Southern Coloradans, the memories are still fresh.

Now that it's springtime, there is a risk for flash flooding along the burn scar.

State leaders gave KKTV 11 News a tour of what they are doing to prevent flooding in the Pyramid Road area, near Ute Pass.

They are implementing several new projects to help with the flooding:

The county has installed new "trap bags" that are a barrier for floodwater that could spill down into the area.

They have also placed an erosion control mat in the area below those trap bags.

A new grade control structure along the hill decreases the slope, which prevents erosion.

"What we're trying to do is protect the fire department, protect houses along the channel, and protect U.S. 24, keep it open," said John Chavez, El Paso County Stormwater Quality Coordinator.

Colorado's new chief recovery officer, Molly Urbina, joined leaders on the tour. Urbina says they are moving into a new phase of recovery.

"What we've done is kind of get out of the response timing of the disaster and moving into long-term recovery," said Urbina.

Urbina adds, when it comes to recovery, volunteers are crucial. If you would like to volunteer, head to waldofire.org.