Truck Hangs Partially Off Bridge After Head-On Crash

Viewer photo by Veronica Archibeque-Vigil.
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A truck hung precariously partway off a bridge after the driver was involved in a head-on collision.

Pueblo police say driver Farah Brun, 34, was driving on the bridge over the the Highway 50 bypass when she drifted into the oncoming lanes and hit a minivan head-on.

The impact pushed Brun's pickup truck partially off the bridge, where she remained until the Pueblo Fire Department removed her from the vehicle. The other driver, identified as Alicia Rosiere, had to be extricated from her vehicle by the Jaws of Life. Both driver sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Eastbound Highway 47 was closed Tuesday afternoon while crews responded to the scene.

Drugs are a suspected factor in the crash. Police say Brun will be charged with vehicular assault, possession of a schedule II controlled substance, driving under the influence of drugs and careless driving.