Mid-size Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles Area

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A strongly-felt earthquake rolled across Los Angeles early Monday -- the strongest felt in the area since 1994.

The rolling quake struck shortly before 6:30 a.m. It was centered six miles north-northwest of Westwood, and six miles northwest of Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles police and fire officials said there were no immediate reports of damage after the 4.4-magnitude quake. A geophysicist told CNN that in quakes weaker than 5.5 magnitude, significant damage or casualties typically don't occur.

Even so, residents were startled by the quake.

"It felt like a bomb going off underneath our house," said George McQuade, a West Hills resident. "Nothing was damaged, but it sure woke everyone up. It was an eye-opener."

It is the largest quake felt in Los Angeles since the aftershocks of the Northridge quake in 1994, Dr. Lucy Jones of the USGS told CBS Station KCBS.

At least six aftershocks followed Monday's earthquake, the largest striking about one hour later and registering 2.7 magnitude.

USGS officials said there was a 5 percent chance Monday's quake could be followed by a larger earthquake within three days.