No Cause Yet In Devastating Structure Fire

Investigators are still working to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a family's home.

Flames ripped through the home on Scott Road in Peyton early Monday morning, rendering the house a total loss. The couple inside was able to escape.

An all-volunteer force was jolted out of bed to battle the blaze.

"We are 100 percent volunteer, so we were at home sleeping like everyone else, Peyton firefighter Mike Deckard said. "We got the call responding to the station and then responded out here."

Deckard said fighting such a damaging fire in a rural area required additional resources.

"It takes a lot of hands when we get a structure this well-involved, especially when we have to haul our own water. We don't have hydrants nearby so a lot of these trucks are water tenders. So that requires additional resources," said Deckard.

11 News will report the results of the investigation once a cause is found.