Dylan Redwine's Brother Reacts To Discovery

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June 28, 2103 Dylan Redwine's family is speaking out about the heartbreaking discovery of Dylan's remains.

Dylan's brother Cory says he is grateful for everyone who has helped search for his little brother. He says the family has held on to hope for so long, that now it's time for them to try to move forward.

"He was my best friend and everything I do with my life from here on out I'm always gonna wish he was there," said Cory Redwine.

Redwine was part of the search party that canvassed Middle Mountain, just outside of Durango. He was looking for any signs of Dylan, and still holding on to hope that he would find his little brother.

"Once you got confirmation that he's no longer with us, it's not easy. It hurts a lot," said Redwine.

Detectives found bones during the search, and thanks to DNA testing, confirmed they were Dylan's remains. It was a grim discovery after more than seven months of searching.

Cory Redwine and his family now want answers about what happened to Dylan.

"It's definitely in a spot where brings a lot of questions about how he got up there," said Redwine.

As detectives move forward with their investigation, Cory says it's bittersweet. He finally has some closure, but at the same time he knows he will miss out on a lifetime of memories with Dylan.

"It's hard waking up and not seeing that bright spot in my heart. He's always with me from here on out," said Redwine.

Redwine says his next step is finding justice for his brother, and in the process hopefully finding some peace for the family.