Dying Veteran Gets Car Restored Thanks To Friend

A Colorado Springs man has been fighting for years to beat a deadly form of cancer.

His fight is coming to an end, but not before he gets to fulfill a lifelong dream.

When Mike Cercuozzi was called in to tow a motor home two years ago, he had no idea he would make a lifelong friend.

That motor home belonged to Kenny Blutt.

"We started talking about how he was in the military, and he was a retired colonel in the Air Force...I'm retired first sergeant from the Army," Cercuozzi said.

Another thing they had in common: a love for cars.

"This car in particular, Kenny's '69 Camaro...now fully restored."

Dennis Blutt told 11 News that it was always Kenny's dream to get his Camaro fixed up.

When Kenny was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 2004, his family didn't think he'd get the chance to see it looking like new.

But a few months ago, Kenny's tow truck driver and newfound friend Mike offered to help..

"He told me that his progression was getting worse and worse...I said 'you bring it to the shop and I'll restore it.'"

When Mike found out how little time might be left, he knew he would have to work fast.

"That's when everybody at MGM Collision chipped in and stayed late on the weekends and pulled together to get it done."

Now Dennis taking the car back to his brother hoping they'll get one last trip down memory lane.

"We're trying to get back down there for the Friday night cruise," Dennis said.

The fully restored vehicle, which Kenny bought brand new in 1969, only has 70,000 miles on it. The Blutt family hopes to have it around for awhile, as part of the legacy their beloved family member leaves behind.