Major Drug Bust At Colorado Springs Home

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A major drug bust went down in a quiet Colorado Springs neighborhood on Wednesday.

The bust happened at a home near Marksheffel Drive and Stetson Hills.

Police say the landlord stopped by his rental home to check on broken sprinkler on Wednesday. But when he stepped inside the home, he discovered the entire second floor covered in marijuana plants. All three bedrooms on the floor were filled with marijuana plants; when he alerted police, 168 plants were seized.

On Thursday night 11 News stopped by that house to get some answers. The following is an exchange between myself and a woman in the home:

“We're with 11 News. Can I talk to you about the marijuana that was found here?”

"No, not today,” a woman replied.

"Do you have any comment about this?”

The woman closed the door.

Neighbors were shocked to find out this was going on right next door.

“It makes me feel violated kind of. This is a really nice neighborhood and people are always out walking their dogs,” Paula D'amico said.

“We’ve lived here for seven years and we never had any problem like that, so to have it be that discrete is kind of scary,” Cori Elliott told us.

Neighbors say they plan to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

The marijuana has a street value of close to $170,000 dollars. Police have identified two suspects in this case but have not made any arrests.