Drivers Speed Through School Zones


11 News reporter Kristin Haubrich hit the streets with a radar gun Tuesday afternoon to find out if drivers really do slow down in school zones.

The sign says "20 mph," but as Haubrich found, many drivers disregard that number.

Haubrich spent a couple of hours near Colorado Springs charter school Roosevelt Edison, located in the area Pikes Peak and Murray. Even while kids were walking home from school, the radar gun picked up speeds well over the limit.

On Tuesday, the biggest offender was 14 mph over. Angie Carrasquillo, who lives across the street from the school, tells 11 News drivers often go much, much faster than that.

"Like 50 [mph] and up I would say."

Other parents said they notice drivers speeding through school zones all the time.

"I was just driving past the flashing lights and there were still people speeding," Ariayanna Wilson said.

Ladonna Danron can't believe some drivers are willing to be so reckless with kids' safety.

"Wouldn't you feel pretty bad if you ran over a kid?"

Carrasquillo says she would like to see more police presence when school gets out, or the city look at the layout of the road.

"There needs to be speed bumps or something to slow drivers down."

Springs police say they are keeping a close eye on school zones. They remind drivers there's a hefty price to pay if caught speeding in a school zone: it's an automatic court ticket with a possible double fine.