Drivers Line Up For Cheap Gas

Do you remember the last time you paid less than two bucks for a gallon of gas? Today more than a hundred drivers paid just that.

Prices were below two bucks a gallon in an effort to send a political message.

Organizers who put on the event, say there is a link between who is in the White House and how much you pay at the pump.

It was the quite the scene as cars lined up at the gas station at the corner of South 8th Street and Cimarron in Colorado Springs.

The first 150 cars could put 15 gallons of gas in their car for, only, $1.84 a gallon.

Organizers made it that price because that’s how much they say it was the day President Obama took office in 2009, trying to make the point that prices have double since.

"It's ridiculous what as Americans were having to pay for gas and it's time for a change in the white house,” said Mark Montmeny.

"Don't blame it on Obama. It took a lot of people to get us here and it's going to take a lot of people to get us out,” said Shirley Garduno.

“It’s frustrating. Everybody is frustrated because the price of gas makes everything else go up. Our groceries, clothing,” said Barbara Lumpkins.

While giving people a break on gas prices, organizers say they hope it educates people that it’s important to vote, knowing that who you elect to make energy policy, could cost or save you at the pump.

We should note, on the other side of the debate, the national average in the summer of 2008, before Obama was elected, reached an all-time record high of $4.11. When President Bush first took office, the national average was $1.45. Most economists also believe that presidents have little impact one way or the other on has prices.

The event was put on by conservative group Compass Colorado and Morning in America, a national organization that works on energy policy.