Drivers Concerned About Intersection

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Drivers tell 11 News they are worried about an intersection they believe is dangerous. They want something done before anyone else gets hurt.

It's at Garrett and Meridian Road, just east of Colorado Springs. It's the same spot two people were killed Monday night .

Drivers tell 11 News this is a busy intersection that has two big problems.

"I see people constantly running the stop sign," said Glen Richardson, who lives nearby.

"I've seen them drive up to 70 mph here," said driver Esteban Rodriquez.

Andre Brackin is the El Paso County engineer. He says the intersection also has him concerned.

"We know that there's been a lot of accidents," said Brackin.

Just a few days ago, a husband and wife were killed after a tow truck driver reportedly ran a stop sign and crashed into their truck.

"Something needs to be done," said Richardson.

Brackin says the county is looking into it to see what can be done to make the intersection safer for everyone.

Several drivers say they would like a four-way stop installed, but Brackin tells 11 News that might not work. He tells 11 News that adding another stop sign might cause even more problems because a lot of people already run the stop sign that's in place.

The county is planning to do a study on the intersection. You can count on 11 News to follow up with them to find out the results.