Driver With Broken Headlight Arrested For Failure To Register As Sex Offender

Police say a convicted sex offender was arrested early Saturday morning after officers caught him driving with only one working headlight.

Officers spotted the driver in the area of Academy Park Loop and Chapman Drive in Colorado Springs around 3:30 a.m. In addition to the broken headlight, he had two broken taillights.

The driver did not have any identification on him, but gave officers a name and birthdate after he was pulled over. Police could not verify his information.

Police say the man gave them two other names and birthdays, neither of which were able to be confirmed. The driver finally told police that he had identification at his home, so officers drove him there in order to verify who he was.

Once at the man's home, police were given a fourth name, Christopher Harty, which they were able to confirm. Harty had two felony warrants and two misdemeanor warrants for his arrest, and was taken into custody. Police say he also received charges of failure to register as a sex offender, attempt to influence a public official, and criminal impersonation.

Harty was arrested and taken to the CJC.