Driver In School Bus Crash Released From Hospital

Credit: KCNC

A driver involved in a scary-looking bus crash in rural Colorado last week has been released from the hospital.

Authorities say 24-year-old Ashley Dickerson smashed into the back of a school bus carrying several children, causing her vehicle to get wedged under the bus. The rear of the bus ended up on top of her car, and the scene looked potentially fatal. But Dickerson survived the collision and was airlifted to a hospital, and is expected to fully recover.

Colorado State Patrol tells 11 News that Dickerson is ticketed with careless driving causing injury. The bus was stopped in front of a home Larimer County Roads 82 and 15 at the time Dickerson crashed into it, and CSP says the bus had been flashing its lights for 17 seconds before the accident. That means Dickerson had near 1,000 feet to stop before hitting it.

The bus was en route to Wellington Middle School and Rice Elementary in Wellington when the crash happened Friday. In addition to Dickerson, three children on board were also injured. None of the kids suffered serious injuries.