Driver Hits Several Cars, Alcohol Suspected

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Only 11 News talked to a couple who followed a driver on a wild ride. He's accused of driving drunk and smashing into several cars.

It all started at the intersection of Platte and Chelton on the southeast part of Colorado Springs. Police told us the driver hit every car in this intersection and then just drove off.

James Brothers was driving with his wife Martha. They had just left the grocery store and were driving east on Platte.

"That's where he hit our car, right there," Brothers said.

When they crossed into the intersection, that's when the other driver ran a red light, and not only clipped them, but at least three other cars.

"(The suspect) came across right there at the light, he didn't stop at the red light he just barreled on through."

Brothers decided to follow him, worried about what else might happen.

"He was driving erratically and everything he could've killed someone I was trying to stop him," Brothers said.

At one point, Brothers said the other driver got out of his car and tried to approach him. He refused to engage, and that suspect eventually drove away.

"He was wobbly, he was under alcohol, you could smell it," Brother said.

The suspect was finally stopped by police at Airport and Printers Parkway, but not before crashing into another car.

Investigators said they suspected alcohol as factor in these accidents. As of now, they are not releasing the driver's name or if he's facing any charges. There were no serious injuries in any of the crashes.

Police don't recommend that anyone follow someone suspected of a crime. They'd rather have a call to 911 with as good a description as you can give.