Driver Crashes Through Fence, Hits House

A mother and her kids were enjoying a quiet Friday night when they suddenly heard a loud "boom."

Not knowing what to think, the homeowner ran outside, only to find her yard in complete disarray. Portions of her fence were in pieces, a vehicle in her driveway appeared to have been hit by something, and most shocking of all--a SUV was bumped up against her home.

Springs police say the driver of the SUV had lost control of his vehicle while heading south on Chelton, and went off the road, crashing through the homeowner's fence, striking a vehicle in her driveway and then hitting the house itself. The SUV lost momentum after that and came to a stop; police say it only caused minimal damage to the home.

Unfortunately for the family, even without serious damage to the house they were still left with hundreds to thousands of dollars in damages, and big mess to clean up.

Police say driver Adolphus Disnuke, 45, sustained minor injuries in the crash and was taken to the hospital. He was the only one hurt.

Disnuke is being investigated for DUI and other traffic violations.