Drive-by Shooting In Pueblo Investigated

Two people in a SUV pulled up alongside another vehicle at a Pueblo convenience store Thursday night and opened fire.

At least five shots whizzed around the driver in the second vehicle, none hitting its intended target.

Police are now trying to figure out if the incident was random, or if it is connected to a fight earlier in the day.

When officers arrived at the Loaf N Jog on Northern and Acero, they found the 21-year-old victim suffering from several injuries, but none from gunshots. Police believe the swelling in the victim's face and various cuts were from an altercation a few hours before the drive-by. The driver side window on the victim's car also had a big hole in it, as if someone bashed it in. Police also believe that was from before the shooting.

Police found five bullet shell casings at the scene, and multiple bullet holes in the passenger side window of the victim's car.

Officers are currently looking for the suspects. There is no description available at this time, other than the suspects were riding in a white SUV.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pueblo police.