Dozens Of Trees Marked For Removal On Research Parkway

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Taking a look at a few of the trees on Research Parkway, there's really no nice way to say it:

“Some of them are looking pretty...dead,” said Chris Hjelmstad.

She lives in a neighborhood right off Research. About 55 evergreen trees planted in the roadway medians she drives past bear orange "Xs.” Those trees have seen better days.

“I think Colorado Springs is beautiful,” Hjelmstad said. “It'd be nice if they take care of them...if not, take them out of there."

That's the plan.

Paul Smith with the City Forestry Division says the trees with the “Xs” lost a battle with the elements: cold windy winters and overall dryness in the region.

"It's a tough place to be a tree, Colorado Springs,” said Smith.

Those trees will come down, but Smith said maintenance managers will soon consider next steps which may include replanting.

"It's one of the gateways into our communities so we want to make sure that it looks nice,” Smith said.

Smith said the work on the trees falls within the Briargate Special Improvement Maintenance District and will not be paid for with money from the city’s general fund.

The earliest any new trees could be planted will be later this fall, possibly next spring. Crews will begin removing dead trees later this week.