Dozens Displaced From Asbestos Contamination

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PUEBLO, Colo. Dozens of families in Pueblo are still out of their homes because of an asbestos contamination.

Ten units were evacuated at an apartment complex on Vinewood Lane in Pueblo, off Northern Avenue and Pueblo Boulevard. The complex is owned by a company called Emerald Isle Lending.

The asbestos was found after an insurance company asked for further inspection into a leaky pipe last week. The Pueblo County Health Department said that the inspection company found traces of asbestos in the walls. On Friday, residents were notified of the asbestos and were told to leave.

Since then, the owner of complex has been paying for the families to live at a motel off Highway 50 East.

On Tuesday, 11 News spoke to Daniel Grissom, a displaced resident. He told us he already used all of his food stamps and that food is still in his apartment. He said now he's struggling feed to his family.

"This is really ridiculous being misplaced like this and being disabled and being treated like this. I'm calling every lawyer possible to get some help," said Grissom.

The complex's manager, Lina Tafoaa, wouldn't talk about the evacuation. However, she did deliver donated food items to the displaced families Tuesday.

"I'm going to Walmart to get 10 gallons of milk, maybe one package of baloney, 10 loaves of bread which will hold them off for the day, but then tomorrow comes and we'll worry about tomorrow."

On Monday, an inspection company called Innovative Environmental Solution collected more samples at the complex to test for asbestos contamination. The company told 11 News that preliminary results of that testing will be released Tuesday. However, the company won't know how safe the complex is until Thursday.

The company says testing must be very thorough, and that it could be days before anyone is allowed back inside.