Affidavit: Pepper Spray, K-9 Needed To Get Suspect Out Of Vehicle After Chase

A man faces a long list of charges after allegedly leading police on a chase through downtown Colorado Springs early Thursday morning.

Police say the suspect was trying to flee a crime scene, and in trying to get away struck two police cruisers, crashed into a construction site, and forced officers to deploy their K-9 unit in order to bring him into custody.

The situation began just before 2 a.m. when officers at popular downtown nightclub Cowboys heard shots fired nearby on East Pikes Peak. Officers went down the block to investigate, where they say they found a man, identified as 26-year-old Michael Garrison, carrying a pistol and hurriedly walking away. Police arrested Garrison at the scene, as well as a second man, 30-year-old Toney Hoeppel, who they say tried to interfere with Garrison's arrest.

During this time, a blue Chevy Tahoe was seen slowly leaving the lot. Police say the vehicle looked suspicious, so officers tried to stop the vehicle to find out if any of the occupants were connected to the shooting.

As pursuing officers in two police cruisers tried to stop the Tahoe, police tell 11 News the suspect drove in between the two cruisers--clipping both--and kept going. Both squad cars sustained minimal damage, though no one was hurt.

The officers chased the Tahoe from Pikes Peak onto Tejon, then Tejon all the way to the intersection with Cimarron. Police say the driver tried to make the turn onto Cimarron too fast, and crashed into a construction site.

According to court papers, officers ordered the suspect to get out of his SUV, but he refused--and then reached for something. Though it ended up being a cell phone, the suspect allegedly remained belligerent, forcing officers to break his window, use pepper spray and finally deploy a K-9 unit to get him out of the vehicle.

The suspect sustained some injuries in his encounter the police dog, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police say the suspect, identified as 26-year-old Eddie Lightsey, is facing multiple felony charges, including eluding and assault on an officer for striking the squad cars, as well as a DUI charge. Additional charges could be added to that list if the owners of the commercial building under construction decide to press charges for any damage caused by the crash.

It's unknown whether Lightsey had any association with the shots-fired call, but police said even if he didn't, he escalated the situation by leaving the scene.

"Clearly this is a situation made worse by his fleeing the scene of a shooting. If he'd just sat still, it would have been better," Sgt. Jim Jeffcoat told 11 News.

In the shots-fired call, Garrison is facing weapons charges and Hoeppel is facing charges of obstruction.