Charges Against Dougherty Gang Could Be Dismissed In Pueblo County

Some charges against the “Dougherty Gang” could be dismissed. Two of the three siblings caught in Southern Colorado after a nationwide manhunt, were in Pueblo County Court Monday.

The Pueblo District Attorney has not yet filed charges against the trio because the prosecution says Huerfano County may be the more appropriate place to file charges. Although the pursuit that led to their arrest began in Pueblo County, it ended near the Huerfano County City of Walsenburg.

During Monday’s hearing, Chief Pueblo County Deputy District Attorney James Coursey asked the judge to reschedule the advisements of the siblings to give Huerfano County prosecutors time to formally file their charges.

If the Pueblo DA does not file charges, Huerfano County would take over the cases. Prosecutors there have until August 22 to file charges. The siblings are scheduled to be advised of the charges against them that afternoon.

A week after that, Ryan, Dylan, and Lee Grace will be back in Pueblo County Court to find out if they will face any charges in Pueblo County. That court date is set for August 29.

Until the venue of the trial is finalized, the three face tentative charges in both counties that include attempted first-degree murder and assault on a peace officer. Between both counties, their bail is set at $2.75 million each.

Although the two Dougherty brothers, Ryan and Dylan, faced the judge Monday morning, their sister was absent. An attorney appeared on Lee Grace Dougherty’s behalf. 11 News asked the public defenders why she wasn’t in court, but they would not reveal that information due to a gag order imposed by a judge.

Additionally, Ryan Dougherty’s lawyer says he is not receiving proper medical treatment while behind bars. The defense attorney brought the matter before the judge Monday. He said Ryan is not being treated for a bump on his head, which Ryan believes could be a concussion. The judge told the attorney it’s a matter for the jail, not the courts.

11 News talked to the Sheriff’s Office about the matter and officials said they were surprised by the allegation. They say the jail has a 24-hour medical unit that treats all inmates and is accredited by the American Correctional Association. But because of privacy laws, they could not reveal how Ryan got the possible concussion or describe how he was being treated for it.

There are also still arrest warrants out for the Doughertys in Georgia and Florida. We are working to find out when the siblings may be sent to the other states.