Double Amputee Takes First Steps after Crash

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A woman who had her feet amputated after surviving nearly a week in her car after a crash is taking her first steps.

It's been eight weeks since Kristin Hopkin's crash near Fairplay.

"My mom asked me do you want your kids there I said no…it's going to be too emotional for me and they don't need to see that," Kristin said. Instead, she said she is hopeful that she'll be home in a week or two.

Hopkins said it was thoughts of her children that motivated her to keep fighting to stay alive as she spent five days trapped in her overturned car 80 feet down an embankment.

Her family reported her missing on April 29, the same day of the accident. There were no indications of foul play, so authorities assumed she left on her own free will. There was no active search for her.

Hopkins spent days desperately trying to attract the attention of motorists above her on Highway 285. She reportedly wrote pleas for help on a red-and-white umbrella that she pushed through a broken window of her crushed car.

Someone finally spotted the car and called authorities. Firefighters didn't realize Hopkins was alive until they broke the window of the car, and She put her hand up.

Hopkins lost both her feet and part of her legs, but chooses to keep an optimistic outlook.

"I am alive," she said, "If I lose my feet, I lose my feet. It's happened to other people and they moved on and have wonderful lives...I will too."

Her goal is to walk the cross country course where her son runs.