Door to Door Disaster Assistance Registration Raises Concerns in Neighborhood

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There may be people claiming to work with FEMA going door to door in neighborhoods that on the surface don’t appear to have any flood damage. It raised some concerns on one local street Monday.

A few people in the neighborhood got a flyer Monday from complete strangers. It offers registration information for disaster assistance through FEMA, but also asks whoever gets one to make a call, and be prepared to tell the person on the other end of the line their social security number.

Debra Anderson lives on Solar Drive in Colorado Springs. It doesn't look like an area that needs disaster recovery experts, especially to Debra, who's lived there for almost 30 years and has had no recent flood damage.

"Of anywhere they should be in Manitou or Black Forest,” Anderson said. “Not here."

Yet someone left a blue flyer on her door Monday. A neighbor says it was two men going door-to-door. One of their t-shirts had the FEMA logo on it, and as they walked along the street it appeared they were recording addresses along the way.

To Debra, it seemed strange.

"I wasn't aware FEMA walked down our streets," Anderson said.

11 News reached out to FEMA Monday. Spokesperson Ed Conley confirmed there were in fact FEMA workers in the Cragmoor neighborhood where Debra lives, trying to spread the word about disaster assistance. Conley went on to say there has been some requests for assistance for water damage from people who are currently living in the area.

Those workers will always have identification cards and are prepared to show them. Anyone who may still have concerns is encouraged to get to a safe place and call authorities.

Conley said supervisors will look into where these crews are going door to door, and consider making changes to those routes if necessary.