Tornado Aid: Don't Be Scammed, Give Wisely

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When you see video of the devastation and hear the stories of those who need help, you want to open up your wallet and help.

Just be careful and know who you're dealing with because crooks see this as their golden opportunity. It's a revenue stream for them.

Keep the following suggestions in mind.

Don't respond to an unsolicited email or phone call. One Springs couple got a call Tuesday afternoon from a woman asking if they'd like to donate to the victims with their credit card. But when the couple started asking questions, the caller couldn't answer. Remember to never give out any personal financial information over the phone, especially to a stranger.

Don't click on any links or attached photos inside of an unsolicited email. They could could contain viruses.

If you want to donate, give to those you trust like the Red Cross.

Never share any personal, financial information with strangers. If you get a call or solicitation you're suspicious about, feel free to call me at the station.

Our 11 Call for Action team will also be happy to check it out.

If you want to know what percentage of your contribution goes directly to those in need, don't be afraid to ask.

A couple of websites will tell you what percentage of funds goes to those in need versus expenses like fundraising and administrative costs. See the links below.