Donations Pour In To Catch Person Behind Poisoned Meatballs At Park

Eight meatballs (pictured) were found at a park north of Boulder.

Thousands of dollars in donations have poured in to help locate the person who left poisoned meatballs at a park.

At least three dogs fell ill after eating the rat poison-laced meatballs. Eight meatballs have been recovered from the Boulder County park this week.

The Boulder County DA's office says one resident donated $1,000 for information in the case, and since then more donations have followed. The reward for the arrest and conviction of the person behind the poisoned meatballs is up to $3,500.

The meatballs are currently being tested by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Distressed dog owners said they don't understand why someone would intentionally try to poison a pet.

"You don't do this if you're mad," Brandon Weil told sister station KCNC. "You tell somebody why you're mad, you don't just poison animals. You just don't do that."

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