Dog Injured After Tree Falls In Neighborhood

Several families are relieved after escaping a potential tragedy Thursday afternoon.

However, they say this all could have been avoided.

A huge maple tree collapsed in a residential area near Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.

"I heard this crunching sound and it just fell down," Karleen Bomia recalled. "It came down about a foot from me."

While Bomia escaped injury, her dog wasn't as fortunate. Walker had to be taken to the vet for stitches.

Neighbors on the 1300 block of Pikes Peak say crews with the city came out earlier Thursday to check out the tree. They said they would hopefully return Friday with a plan to take it down.

But the tree came down by itself before anyone could return.

Vic Galvan says he's been worried about the tree for years.

"These are very heavy trees, and I had been bugging them for about five years...they finally decided to come and check it out. There's an 'X' bring it down."

Galvan says he just wishes it had been sooner.

"I'm very frustrated that the dog got hurt, and I thank God that nobody else was hurt."

11 News has placed some calls to the city; the calls were made after hours, so we are hoping to hear back sometime Friday.