Dog Expected To Recover After Being Hit By Light Rail

Credit: KCNC

A missing puppy was found clinging to life after a horrible accident involving a Denver light rail.

Remarkably, 6-month-old Jessie is expected to make a full recovery.

The young border collie slipped away from a pet sitter on May 13, and for five days her owner had no idea where she was. When Henry He was finally notified that his dog had been located, the situation seemed dire.

"Her leg was just dangling from a tiny little piece of flesh," He told sister station KCNC.

Jessie had been struck by a light rail and was badly wounded. It was astonishing that she was still alive.

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Brian Van Vechten told KCNC the heat generated from the light rail may have actually saved her life. He speculates that the heat cauterized the wound, preventing her from bleeding to death.

Jessie lost a leg in the accident, but is otherwise expected to have a full life in front of her. She's even back to daily walks with He as she learns to navigate the world with three legs--though never letting him out of her sight.

Jessie's relieved owner is just grateful to have his companion back and on the mend.

"I love her, she's awesome, she's such a good dog," He told KCNC.