Dog Bites Woman at Coffee Shop, Owner Vanishes

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PUEBLO, Colo. A Pueblo woman says a dog bit her at a local coffee shop and the dog's owner vanished. The woman is now worried she might get sick with rabies.

It happened on Sunday at the Starbucks off 4th Street, near Abriendo Avenue.

Jane Garnett was enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend. She says when she came out of the Starbucks' bathroom, she noticed two long haired dachshunds inside the store. She says they were both on leashes with a dark-haired woman and a young boy. Suddenly, one dog lashed at her.

"They were just standing there in line, or around the line to get coffee and the dog bit at my pants and then bit at me in the café," said Garnett.

Garnett says when she tried confronting the woman, she vanished. Garnett says the bite made her bleed.

"I feel like she should have stayed around to see how I was or whether I needed her information. I feel like she should have taken more responsibility for it," said Garnett.

Garnett says she's now worried she could get rabies.

"I hope the woman comes forward and tells me or not if the dog has been vaccinated."

The Pueblo County Health Department and Animal Services are working together to find out who the dog owner is. Garnett just wants to know if the dog is current on its vaccinations. If you know who the dog owner is, you're encouraged to contact either agency.

The Health Department says rabies symptoms most often develop between one to three months after the person is infected.

We also spoke to Starbucks. They say they only allow service dogs inside the store.