Doctors Volunteer to Help Little Girl Who Was Attacked by a Dog

Image taken from video courtesy of CBS
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A little girl who was attacked by a dog and allegedly asked to leave a restaurant because the scars on her face were too scary, is getting help from doctors across the country, starting with a new blue eye to match her other.

Victoria Wilcher's story went viral after her family posted a picture of her on Facebook and alleged that the little girl was asked by an employee to leave a KFC in Jackson, MS because her face was scaring other diners.

Her story caught the attention of Las Vegas doctor Frank Stile, who specializes in repairing scars.

"You know, it's tough enough to be a kid that's whole. To be a child that has some type of difference makes it exquisitely challenging...
I saw Victoria's story on the news and on social media and I was very affected by it. And it just seemed like the obvious thing to do: just get involved," Stile said.

Before Stile does his work, a Florida doctor will fit Victoria with a prosthetic eye so she won't have to wear a patch anymore.

Her family won't have to pay for the work done by either doctor.

Doctors say Victoria will need a lot of care and the reconstruction process on her face could be lengthy, but they are optimistic.

KFC said it is currently investigating the allegations that the 3-year-old was asked to leave one of its restaurants. Representatives of the chain said the company will donate $30,000 to Victoria's medical expenses, regardless of what they find.